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Established in January 2021 

Braneac is a safe space for employees from all industries and walks of life to engage in open dialogue about difficult topics related to the workplace.

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With our professional psychologists, speakers, and mental health advocates, we are dedicated to creating a community that is run on knowledge and information to ensure all members better understand their work environments, heal emotionally and mentally, and improve relations amongst their peers.




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Our mission is to create a safe and anonymous space where individuals are able to address their workplace anxieties, struggles and concerns while discussing and navigating our way through tough and challenging socio-economic times. Braneac aims to become a trusted and empathetic community dedicated to counselling people through empowerment, education and knowledge.

Our community forum, courses and online platform serves as a way to help each other through community outreach and compassion. We aim to provide counseling and emotional reinforcement to those who need it most.


We are a community that aims to respect, listen and empower each other.

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